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Comprehensive list of Christina’s idle threats to ensure Emmett’s behavior

Please note: all of these “threats” were made in Cantonese.  They sound much more threatening when yelled spoken sternly in Cantonese.  All of these are likely preceded by “If you don’t ________, then…”  We will keep updating this list as appropriate.
  1. You have to sleep outside in the cold.
  2. I’ll leave you outside to sleep with the dog.
  3. I’ll leave you outside to be eaten by the snakes.
  4. I’ll bring you over to Uncle Kip’s house and leave you there.  (Note: overheard in the car: “Don’t give my watch to Uncle Kip, mommy!”)
  5. If you hit your head by running around too much, I’ll have to take you to the hospital and the doctors are going to cut you open.
  6. I’m going to cut off ALL your hair.
  7. If you don’t take a shower, the bugs are going to eat your butt!
  8. If you don’t stop whining, I’m going to put you outside in the tree and you can live there. (4/8/11)
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