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Rediscovering my love of film photography

by on May 20, 2011

I recently found the Ricoh SLR that I had trained on while in College and decided to load up a roll of 35mm film to see if the camera still worked.  There is a light leak on the left side of the frame… I’m still theorizing on how to compensate for it.  The results were pretty cool:

The view from the computer room at Bak Bak's house

View from the front window

Practicing his swing

I liked the lighting in this one, but the subject wouldn't stay still

Perhaps my favorite of the whole roll

Meeting up with friends in Berkeley

This is to make Kao-Foo jealous

Oh, yes.

Enjoying the bounty

Sproul Hall Fountain

Friends and a cup of sauerkraut

Being silly on the steps of Sproul

My next roll will be in Black and White.  We’ll see if that changes the light leak situation.


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  1. nice! you should get it repaired!

  2. joe permalink


  3. love it. even with the light leak. love the imperfection.

  4. Pauline permalink

    comparison Sunday please.
    I just looked at some of those old Comparison Fridays. They were so worth the trouble!

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