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Day 8/9: Learning to Walk

by on March 17, 2011

Yes, I realize I missed a day.

Most of yesterday was spent teaching E2 to walk.  It’s been fascinating watching his little brain work to try to figure out the mechanics of lifting one foot and balancing on the other all while not falling over.

It made me realize that as we walk around as adults all of the muscle movements and balance calculations happen automatically and sub-consciously.  The things that we learned at his age come so naturally to us, we hardly think about it.   Walking, though, is an incredibly complex activity, if you think about it.

In small group this week, we were talking about how when someone comes to know Jesus for the first time, they are finding joy in almost everything, and they are seeing God working in practically every aspect of their life.  Like E2 learning to walk, every time they learn how to use a new “muscle”, there is a great feeling of progress and satisfaction.

Have we lost something when we no longer think about what it feels like to experience the indwelling of Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the first time?  When we are full grown “walkers” in our faith, have we forgotten the sensations of taking those first few steps?

In a sense, we are supposed to “grow up”.  However, I think that if we can somehow recapture that innocent joy that I see on the face of my newly mobile son and in the lives of the newly redeemed, I think that every part of our lives will seem more significant and joy-filled.


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  1. love that illustration about walking!

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