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Day 5: Enduring Trial

by on March 13, 2011

It’s late, so just something really quick.

This past week, we studied the first few (12) verses of the book of James.  James writes about trials and how we are to persevere through them in order to be made more complete and to be rewarded with the crown of life at the end of all things.  The dimension of this discussion that I had not realized until this point was that of providing counsel to those who are in the midst of trial.

When presented with people’s problems, I tend to try to solve them pragmatically.  As I have grown older, it has occurred to me that perhaps I shouldn’t even try to solve them at all.  Especially in light of the James passage, I should steer clear of trying to solve other’s problems and allow them to walk the path that God has set before them.  Maybe the only counsel I should offer is the Scripture itself, “consider it pure joy…”

Or maybe just listen to their pain.  Allow them to “persevere” while I listen.

It’s an uphill battle for me.  It is difficult for me to listen to people lay out their problems without trying to offer a solution.  But God is doing a work in me.  Maybe I’ll become more of a listener.

Dear Lord, give me patience to listen and not to troubleshoot. Amen.


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  1. It takes practice. Think about a probing question to ask rather than a solution to offer.

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