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Comparison Sunday #42: Dressed to the 9(month)s

by on February 13, 2011

This is a picture that we snapped right when we got home from church.  We would have snapped it before we left for church, but the camera was out of batteries.  You see, the elder E has taken to wearing his “jing-ging saam” (proper clothing) for church on Sundays for the past four weeks.  However, all of his dress shirts were far too small for him, so we bit the bullet and spent 10 bucks on a new shirt for him.  Their intrepid mother remembered that there was a similarly striped onesie with a collar and dressed up the younger E likewise.

They were quite the hit at church.

In other news (as you can see above), E2 has been able to stand on his own, while distracted, for a good 4-6 seconds.  We’re working on (a) endurance and (b) the realization that standing is a good thing.  He’s also becoming MUCH more vocal, to the point where when E1 yells at him, he starts yelling back.  If it wasn’t so loud, it’d be quite amusing.  Actually, even though it is so loud, it’s still quite amusing.

As for food, we’re discovering that he’s very particular about the content and the delivery of his food.  He likes certain foods (brown rice pasta, peas, banana, peeled grapes) and he must feed himself.  He doesn’t like being spoonfed, nor does having food shoved in his mouth.  HE has to pick it up, examine it, and eat it on his own time.

Our theory is that E1 was just as particular, but we just forgot about it.

Onward and upward!  Have a good week everyone!

  1. hbear46 permalink

    i love the bare feet! and E1 is still a cheese

  2. very nice comparison sunday!
    they must’ve been the snappiest dressers at church!

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