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Comparison Sunday #38: Speed Demon

by on January 25, 2011

He’s getting faster and faster.  It’s getting to the point where when I let him “wander”, I’ll often turn around and find that he’s in the next room or maybe even further, and many times, he’s already pulled himself up on the furniture and is standing there waiting for me.

He’s also started to vocalize more.  His favorite word right now: “gwut” or “guh”.  It’s the all-purpose word that means everything and nothing at the same time.

“Dai Dai!  Where are you?”


“Dai Dai!  What is this?”


“Dai Dai! Do you have to pee?”


Have a gwut week everyone!

  1. hbear46 permalink


  2. gwut? gwut! gwut… 🙂

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