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Comparison Sunday #28: Hunkering down

by on November 15, 2010

Today (monday) marks the beginning of an FPIS (Family Practice Inpatient Service) rotation for C.  This means long days and call nights every fourth day.  It’ll be our first go as a family of four on FPIS, so we’re hunkering down for the next four weeks.  We should be alright though.

E2 is growing like a weed.  He’s wearing 9 month clothing (shown above) and is no longer the little bean that we once knew.  He’s also developing more of a personality (doesn’t like being alone for ONE SECOND, hates the car seat, etc) and is getting smarter by the day (he knows what to do when held over the toilet).

E1 is likewise getting smarter and more conversant.  He’s learning how to test the limits of what his parents and little brother can withstand, but he’s also getting a lot funnier (he claims to be Buster Posey at any and all occasions.  He will also punctuate most statements with “Go Giants.”)

Pray for us.  This should be a fun month.  Christmas cannot arrive quickly enough.

One Comment
  1. Those comparison pictures are hilarious! I wonder if they give you a small peek into what it would be like to have fraternal twins.

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