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Late night madness

by on November 13, 2010

So, we’re starting to button up the house and I’m grinding my coffee for the next morning, and C is taking E1 to his customary pre-emptive bathroom trip.  I hear “PSSSSST!  HELP!”  I go into E1’s room and I see C leaving the room, and E1 lying on the bed, mostly asleep, with no pants on.  I assume this means, “take him to the bathroom, because E2 is crying and I need to go tend to him.”  So I take E1 out of his bed and start leading him down the hallway to the bathroom when I hear, (in a hushed shout), “ALREADY GONE! ALREADY GONE!”  I turn E1 around and place him back in his bed, and he’s got a faint smile on his face, probably fully aware of the madness going on around him.  As I’m putting his diaper back on, I hear C cracking up in the doorway, trying not to make a lot of noise.  I start laughing, and I look at E1, and he’s smiling… luckily, he quickly went back to sleep.

Oh the travails of multiple children.


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  1. big haze indeed!

  2. So, when’s the third one going to join you in this madness? Oh, and if you do have a third, you’re gonna need a bigger bed… ;D

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