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Needless Worrying

by on November 8, 2010

So, yesterday, we left E1 to play outside by himself.  He was playing baseball in the driveway as he normally does (HIGH! DEEP! OUTTA HERE!), and as expected (and taught), he confined himself to the driveway.  Just a normal Sunday afternoon, right?

That’s when he wandered into the house carrying one of these:

with some red sprinkles on top (Well, it was more soft serve, but you get the idea).  Christina is frantically asking him where he got it, and I run outside to see if there is some creepy looking ice cream man giving away “free” ice cream to children (in November? Come on, LA… really).  After some intense questioning, with no leading questions, E1 fesses up that Uncle K (our trusted next door neighbor) bought it for him.  A later conversation through their living room window confirmed this.

You see, K and F, our neighbors, have two grand-daughters that are regularly over on the weekends, and they love to dote on them by purchasing, of all things, ice cream from the crazy ice cream truck that frequents our neighborhood.  And, in K’s words, “we had to strike while the iron was hot.”

We’ve made assurances that permission will be sought in advance of ice cream purchases in the future.  What happened to the ice cream, you ask?  Christina put it in the refrigerator before we went out for a few hours, and it had turned to soup by the time we got home (at which time, E1 was saying, “ngau you sic shuut goh, mm goi”).  I put it in the freezer for safe keeping, but we threw it out after E1 went to sleep.  Here’s hoping that he doesn’t remember.

Oye the travails of having a toddler around.


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