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Comparison Sun(Thurs)day #23: Back to Simpler Times

by on October 14, 2010

We had one heckuva weekend, and we’re now just getting our feet underneath us in time for another whirlwind weekend.  Friday after work, we packed up the clan and headed up the freeway to San Francisco.  We arrived in SF at about 1:30 am and proceeded to try to sleep.  The next morning we went to yum cha with most of both of our families (party of 16!) in S. SF, and just chilled out for the rest of the day.  Sunday, we went to a wedding and banquet in Fremont (congratulations, Brandon and Tara!).  On Monday, we parted ways (albeit temporarily) with E1 and went to Salinas, where mommy interviewed for a possible OB fellowship while E2, Goo Goo and I met up in Monterey and waited for her to finish.

So, since monday, we’ve been a party of three and it’s been VERY quiet around here (with the exception that E2 has learned how to SCREAM).  E1 has been traipsing around San Francisco, going to look at Battleships, riding the cable car, and going all the way down to Cupertino to hang out with his Goo Goo.

We head back up tomorrow afternoon.

One Comment
  1. It was really fun seeing you guys. We had a good time w/ gaw gaw too! Nice shirt Evan!

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