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Comparison Sun(Tues)day #20: You labor, I labor, we all labor

by on September 21, 2010

You may be asking yourself, why is Comparison Sunday on a Tuesday?  Well, the past couple days ave been pretty hectic.  Mommy had a patient that she had to go and check on every morning this weekend, and she started the labor & delivery rotation on Monday, which means she leaves for work at 6:30.  Yee Yee is going to work every day now, too, so it’s a 3 man house all day.  We’re struggling to find a rhythm that works for us.  We’ll get there… it’s this beginning part that’s the hardest.

We go in for vaccinations on Thursday.  Just pour fuel on the fire, why don’t you?

Have a good week!

One Comment
  1. Tuesday is better than none at all. Thanks for getting the entry done with all the craziness abounding.Wish I could be there.

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