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Comparison Sunday #19: End-of-Summer Drippies

by on September 13, 2010

Most of us here have been struggling through a short bout of a little summer cold.  E1 picked it up from somewhere and promptly passed it on to E2 and mommy.  Daddy’s been exempt from this one (so far).  This has led to sleepless nights, congestion, boogers and sneezing all over the place, but we’re almost out of the woods now.  Yee Yee starts work this week, so us men have to begin to get into a new rhythm.

Everything else is going well.  E2 is flipping over almost automatically (from back to front), which makes putting diapers on particularly challenging.  He’s also becoming more vocal, letting us know when he’s mad, but also when he just has something to add to the conversation.

Have a good week, everyone! (Sorry for the late post)


  1. goo goo permalink

    e1 has so much head fat

  2. I see a lot of personality oozing too!

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