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Comparison Sunday #14: Heads up!

by on August 8, 2010

It’s been an eventful week.  E1 returned from his vacation in San Francisco, only to begin a nap strike that has been going on for three days now.  Negotiations have fallen apart, and the union of parents is ready to concede to the toddler’s union and give up on naps altogether.  In other news,

E2 can hold his head up!  He’s getting stronger and stronger by the day, and was quite the charmer today at church, donning his pageboy cap and just being cute for everyone who walked by (he was being carried by Aunties Helen and Joyce, who run the reception desk at church, so EVERYONE stopped to take a look).  He consistently smiles when someone smiles at him, unless he’s either (a) tired or (b) hungry.  Some things don’t change, even when you become an adult.

Won’t-take-a-nap/E2 comparison:

One Comment
  1. You definitely have a couple of cute guys running (not napping) around!

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