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Comparison Sunday #12: Feet don’t fail me now

by on July 25, 2010

E2 is roughly the weight of a pretty good sized thanksgiving turkey.  Imagine lugging this around:

Except that it wriggles around all the time and needs to suck on your finger in order to go to sleep.  He’s getting heavy.  I’m not sure how he was able to figure it out, but somehow he knows when the person who is carrying him is sitting down.  He’s very particular that when he is being carried, the person carrying is to be standing at all times.  If possible, moving around.  If you’ve sat down and/or stopped moving, he’ll let you know.

In other developments, Yee Yee has moved into the princess room and is using the mornings to study for her CPA exam, and spending the afternoon playing baseball with E1.  He hasn’t tired of it yet…  we’ll see how long Yee Yee can hold out.  All things being equal, she should be here until about this time next year.

We’re sort of settling into a routine, but I still don’t know what it is yet.

Happy week, everyone!

E1/Turkey comparison:


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  1. E1 is so lucky to have Yee Yee for baseball. I imagine it’ll move on to soccer or football after the World Series!

    What did E2 think of having feet on his clothes?

  2. goo goo permalink

    e1 and e2 look nothing alike this week. still so cute!

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