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Comparison Sunday #10: 2 feet 1 inch

by on July 11, 2010

A relatively uneventful week in the Wong household… Yee Yee came and went, and Mommy and Daddy trudged through the rest of the week, contending with sore necks and shoulders, a busted 2 year old chin, and hot sunny days interspersed with cloudy, overcast days.  Uncle Alan came to visit and, like all other visitors, was roped into playing baseball with E1.  Be forewarned: if you come and visit, you’ll be able to spend about 15-20 minutes talking to the adults and cooing over E2, but soon enough, E1 will chime in with “come on, let’s go play the baseball game!” or, if you speak chinese, “chut been dah baseball!”  “Playing baseball” consists of you, the visiting team, holding the smaller, yellow bat, and E1 wielding the larger, wooden bat.  You hit the ball towards him (on the ground), and he hits it back at you.  After yelling either, “GOOD HIT!” or “FOUL BALL!”  he will throw his bat (watch your shins) and run past you, touch the garage door, and run back and land in a “slide” (read: falling down in slow motion) to which you are to shout: “SAFE!”

I have a video of this craziness around here somewhere.  I’ll post it soon.

In other news, E2 checked in at 13 pounds, 25 inches tall, and and a head circumference of 17 inches.  Big boy is big.

Have a good week, everyone!

E1/E2 Comparison:


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  1. Sounds like a great week!

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