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Comparison Sunday #9: … and the rocket’s red glare…

by on July 5, 2010



Happy 4th of July, everyone!  It’s been an eventful week… we weathered the first week of mommy back at work, as well as two parties (the residency program graduation dinner on Wednesday and an ice cream/alcohol social for the residents on Friday).  E2 had his 2 month check up on Wednesday and he weighed in at 12 lbs 5 oz.  Fat boy.  He got 3 shots in his thunder thighs and wasn’t too happy for the rest of the day after that.  He’s been developing more and more of his own personality and his social smile (see above) is starting to become more and more frequent (thank God, we thought he was going to end up being the “somber one”).

Short week this week!  Have a good week everyone! (sorry this is late, I couldn’t concentrate with the fireworks on the street last night).


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  1. Nice Smile! A little late, but definitely worth the wait!

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