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Comparison Sunday #5: Flying Solo

by on June 6, 2010



Life in the Wong household has been different lately… Mommy’s been home almost every day, so it seems (to some) like every day is a Saturday.  She did, however, return to work this past Wednesday and Thursday, albeit only for a few hours in the morning.  This allowed Daddy to try flying solo for the first time while being outnumbered.  Everything went well, and there are still 30 fingers and 30 toes (on their respective hands and feet) and the house is still standing.  We haven’t checked the stats lately, but it seems that E2 is getting bigger and bigger and may have surpassed how big E1 was at this stage.

BTW, we’ve received a number of compliments on coming up with the “E1″/”E2” monikers.  We’d like to make the disclaimer that these names are only used when written or typed out.  I don’t think we’ve ever used them out loud.  When we refer to them in person, it’s usually “Emmett” or “Gau Gau” and “Dai Dai” (We haven’t really used E2’s name a lot).

E1/E2 Comparison:


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  1. E2 wants to know why he doesn’t have shoes like E1

  2. YeeYee permalink

    i was just thinking.. the comparison btw e2 and e1 in the same week would be even MORE compelling if you could dig up the exact outfit e1 was wearing that week 😉

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