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Dressing oneself is a tricky proposition

by on March 21, 2010

Before going out to go grocery shopping this afternoon, I instructed Emmett to put on some underwear before he put on his pants.  He has gotten in the habit of holding his pants up and checking with me to make sure that they are correctly oriented before he steps into them.  This time was no exception.  I gave him the go ahead, and walked out of the room to go get ready to go.

When we were at Trader Joe’s, we took a look at his pants and everything was kind of caddywampus in the waist area.  The shorts were on backwards and everything was rolled over and it just looked wrong.  We figured he had just put them on hastily and that we would fix it later.

Fast forward about 2 hours, and Emmett is playing in the driveway and he notifies Christina that he has to pee.  When he is outside, he assists our gardening efforts by watering the plants.  Upon pulling down his pants, we realize that something just isn’t right.  Not only were the shorts on backwards, but his underwear was ALL wrong.  It’s kind of hard to describe…

He had, as his Goong-Goong (grandfather) put it, “rotated 60º”.  He had his waist going through one of the leg holes and one of his legs going through the waist hole and one leg going through the other hole.  And, they were backwards.

I guess I’ll be double checking his work from here on out.


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  1. It must’ve looked funny!

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