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Rude Awakening…

by on March 4, 2010

It was just a normal Thursday, and Emmett was down for his nap.  I heard some buzzing coming from the hallway, and I figured it was someone doing construction next door or something.  About 5 minutes later, Emmett comes out of his room yelling “TAI HA!!! TAI HA!!! JEURK JEURK!!!!” (LOOK! LOOK! A BIRD!)

There was a hummingbird that had found its way into our house, and was stuck in between Emmett’s room and the adjacent hallway.

I swatted at it with the broom for a bit, then I thought, “maybe I should take some pictures”.  Here they are:







You can see the feathers stuck to the ceiling where the hummingbird was smacking his head in an attempt to get out.







Those little buggers are FAST.  I kept trying to corner it, and it kept sneaking past my broom and going back into Emmett’s room.  The whole time I’m chasing the hummingbird around the room/hallway with a broom, Emmett is running around behind me, laughing raucously and yelling, “DAH JEURK JEURK!  DAH JEURK JEURK!” (HIT THE BIRD!!!)

It finally got tired and settled down onto the window sill, and I poked it with the broom and it quickly flew out the door.  As it flew away, Emmett yelled,

“Bye bye jeurk jeurk!!! Take care!  Love you!  Faan oak hay! (Go home!)”

Quite an exciting afternoon.


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  1. Tam Ohana permalink

    OH MY! That is HILARIOUS! That was hilarious. I’m sorry it too me so long to check your blog. Oh, Emmett is the funniest! So cute! Maybe Nathan should’ve recorded Emmett saying all that in Chinese! Ha ha, so cute!

  2. josephcastillo permalink

    Wow! That is quite a story, Nate. I love that Emmett is doing color commentating on the side.

  3. Love it when it the wild comes inside!

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