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A stomach full of broth at night, and a warm toasted bagel in the morning…

by on December 6, 2009

Feeling inspired by the “cold snap” (read: high 40’s to low 50’s) that we’ve had here in the Southland, Christina took it upon herself to create an old favorite, Tong Yuen.  Typically a Winter Solstice treat (which I discovered from a brief Google search), this soup consists of little balls of glutinous rice flour boiled in some kind of broth, which can be sweet or savory.  We went the savory route, because that’s how Christina grew up.  All credit goes to Bak-Bak with an assist from Pau-Pau.

In the soup: fresh daikon (seen below being chopped by a small man), lap cheurng (chinese sausage), ha mai (dried shrimp), napa cabbage, shiitakes, carrots, all boiled in a pork bone broth.  Emmett helped roll the tong yuens (although he really just pulled a lot of the dough apart), as well as chop vegetables.  He also helped out by helping himself to some uncooked sausage (for which he was swiftly scolded).





For breakfast tomorrow morning, I prepared some sourdough bagels ala the new book we purchased, Wild Sourdough.  These turned out better than the last batch I made over vacation, plus there’s a Christmas tree in the background.




‘Tis the season for eatin’!


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  1. yee yee permalink

    mmm those bagels look delish! emmett also looks very dedicated to helping


  3. Good job, Emmett!

  4. josephcastillo permalink

    Nate, thought you’d enjoy this article:

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