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No, we didn’t disappear…

by on December 2, 2009

We just had to replace our camera.

Our old trusty steed, the first generation digital rebel:

… had to be taken out back and shot.  For some reason, it didn’t want to do the one thing that it was designed to do: take pictures.  After much market research, we called Canon and took advantage of their Canon Loyalty program, whereby we turn in the old camera and they sell us a refurbished newer model for a fraction of market value.  This is what arrived via FedEx today:

Emmett and I decided to take it out for a test drive, as well as pick up GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra from our local Redbox.  (It was a free rental, otherwise I don’t think it’d be worth the dollar.   Or so I hear.  I’ll let you know.)

The results:

From the first picture, I instantly remembered what I had missed about an SLR.

We headed down the street to McNees County Park, which is a small patch of grass near the big intersection.  From Google Maps:

As small as it was, it was still loads of fun for a small man who likes tromping through the leaves:

When we finally got to the Stater Bros. parking lot, we saw this:

The Pride of Uptown, or as Emmett calls it, “FOA CHE!!!!”

I carried Emmett most of the way back home, so there aren’t any pictures.  All in all, I’m happy with the new addition to my arsenal.

More pictures (and posts) to come, I assure you.


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  1. Janelle permalink

    that one pic where Emmett is not smiling – he looks straight up like a thug

  2. YeeYee permalink

    he is wearing the most ridiculous pair of pants.. i love it!

  3. Gifford permalink

    Awesome thug shot. GI JOE! I saw that in the theatres 😉

    SLR drool

  4. oh congrats! These images look great! Emmet is so cute…as always!

  5. beautiful shots!

  6. josephcastillo permalink

    Great shots! Glad you’re using an SLR. I got the Rebel XSi a little over a year ago and I have become an addict-wanna-be-photographer. I also like the pics of your most recent entry. That food looks yummy!

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