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And I quote, “There is a disturbing lack of posting frequency on this blog.”

by on August 19, 2009

My bad.  If you could see the internal guts of this blog, you’d see that I have like 6 drafts waiting to be completed, only to be interrupted by a little man and left on the shelf until they become irrelevant.  (For example, as I was typing that last sentence, he peed on the floor.)  A lot has happened since we last met.

We went to Christabel and Tedman’s Wedding, where Emmett was a big hit (of course):

We moved into a new house the next week:

And Goo Goo came to visit!

And then we went to Kansas City for a few days for the AAFP (American Association of Family Physicians) Annual Conference:

While Christina was conferencing, Emmett and I went to the National World War I Museum:

vases made from old shell casings by soldiers trying to pass time in the trenches. very cool.

The view from the top of the Liberty Memorial, a 217 foot tall tower.  Where are the mountains?

This is the memorial that Emmett and I made and emailed to ourselves.  We will never forget!!!

And the Kansas City Zoo:

We had breakfast with Auntie Steph (aka Bak-Yee):

On our last night there, we went out to dinner with the other PIH residents and faculty to 801 Chophouse.  After all, how could you go to Kansas City and not eat beef?

Tuscan Ribeye.  Perhaps the best I’ve ever had.

Our hotel had a pretty cool light show on the front:

A couple weeks later, the Youds came out to California for a wedding, and they spent a couple days with us!  We first went to an Angels game:

It was Mike Napoli Bobblehead day.  He didn’t even play.  Now I have a Mike Napoli Bobblehead.

It’s a nice stadium.  Not as nice as AT&SBC Bell Park, but it’s nice.

Emmett enjoyed the tossing the peanut shells on the ground.  Some of them ended up in the seats in front of us.  Luckily, the people in front of us were good sports.

From one of the roaming stadium photographers

The Nick Adenhart Memorial outside the park.

And then we went to Disneyland!

We saw this terrifyingly tall woman in line in front of us at the Haunted Mansion.  She doesn’t look so tall here, but…

…but I’m pretty sure that Christina only came up to her elbow.

This last one is Emmett and Christina.  I’ll let you decipher whose score is whose.

And Christina finally caved and got an Annual Pass!

Life has been good as we settle into the new house and attempt to find everything that we packed away.  We have lots of visitors coming in September, so stay tuned (hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up)!


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  1. YeeYee permalink

    hurray! good post.. TOTALLY awesome pics of emmett in the new pics and at the hotel. can’t wait til i can finally come down to visit.. maybe in 4 months…

  2. miss you guys already!

  3. Gifford permalink

    Emmett + mirror, cool.

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