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A few days in the Pacific Northwest

by on May 22, 2009

We’re back! (Well, back to San Francisco)  We got back from a 6 day jaunt out to the Pacific Northwest to visit with family in Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria (as well as a fair amount of sightseeing/touristing).

Day 1:

We arrived in Seattle and settled in to the rental home, which was AMAZING.  Everyone got their own room and we had a full kitchen to boot!

The outside of the house


After settling in, Gifford took us over to West Seattle to eat at Pegasus Pizza and Pasta.  Parking and foot traffic were a bit much, but the food was worth it:

And then Emmett ran around on the Beach:

Day 1: Seattle

Rest of Day 1 pics

Day 2
Christina, Hannah, Emmett and I took Gifford to church to teach Sunday School while we played in the park:

Then we went to the 11:00 service at Faith Bible Church (where apparently some people know Joe Castillo!)

From there, we went to Pike’s Place Market, where there was a cheese festival going on (who knew?):

For dinner, we bought a Copper River Sockeye Salmon:

and put it on the grill:

And it was gooooooood:

(By the way, the secret to not losing the skin is to season your bbq grate as you would a cast iron pan.  Worked like a charm.)

Rest of the Day 2 Pics

Rest of the Day 2 Pics

As you will note in the above pictures (and the rest of them if you look at the slideshows), Emmett has been becoming increasingly attached to his Yee Pau.  There are plenty of stories to illustrate this, but see if you can’t notice it throughout the rest of this narrative.

Day 3:

We took off (as early as we could get 9 people and a baby out the door) for the Canadian border on Monday Morning.

‘Tis a strange place, Canada.  Everything measured in metric:

A&W’s are still plentiful:

And the money is not monochromatic:

$20 Canadian!  That’s like…. $20 American!

We went to go visit with Goong Goong’s older sister and her family (six daughters, one son).  We had lunch with some of them:

See the family resemblance?

Then we checked into the Hampton Inn in Downtown Vancouver, where we had an awesome view of the B.C. Place Stadium, home of the BC Lions of the CFL.  Apparently, it is the largest air supported stadium in the world (but will be changing to retractable roof/open air in 2011).

We stopped at a Whole Foods to get some food for Emmett, and the metric madness continued:

Also, I believe that I spotted this actress:

in the parking garage.  I looked it up, she lives close by, so it’s possible!

After WF, we went to go meet up with family for dinner:

Rest of Day 3

Rest of Day 3

Day 4

After dropping off Goong Goong and Pau Pau to spend the day with family, the rest of our travelling troupe headed off to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and headed out to Victoria.

First stop, Butchart Gardens:

This is Emmett’s Pau Pau trying to take a picture with him.  Emmett, however, would not take the picture without Yee Pau.

Butchart Gardens Pictures

Butchart Gardens Pictures

After the gardens, we went to Downtown Victoria to look around for a bit:

Then we got back on the Ferry and headed back to Vancouver.  While on the Ferry, Emmett found the kid’s play area, then proceeded to locate his Yee Pau (over 15 rows in) and drag her over to the play area, where they played for the rest of the voyage.

Day 5 Pics

Rest of Day 4

Day 5:

We started the day by visiting the REI flagship store:

And then went to go see the Chittenden Locks:

And then we spent a few hours at the Experience Music Project and looked at the Space Needle from the bottom:

Rest of Day 5

Rest of Day 5

Day 6

Our last day in Seattle, so we decided to only do a couple things before heading to SEA-TAC for our flight back.

Gasworks park, where Emmett LOVED rolling down the hills (videos and pics of this later)

The Bridge Troll (just a drive by picture)

Lunch at Salumi, owned by the father of Mario Batali:

And then we visited the Panama Hotel, where many Japanese Americans stored their possessions prior to being moved to internment camps, never to pick them up again.  There were also a lot of neat photographs of the Japanese community in Seattle prior to WWII.

A glass section of the floor, where you can catch a glimpse of what was left in the basement of the Panama.  Detail:

And our last stop was the Seattle Central Library.  From the outside, it looks like this:

Crazy.  All the elevators and escalators are neon green:

And there is one floor of meeting rooms that has all red walls:

And the book stacks are organized in a four floor spiral that was designed so as to not break up the progression of the Dewey Decimal System.  Technically, you could walk from 000 to 999 without going up any stairs or getting on an elevator.

Then we went to the airport and came home!

Rest of Day 6

Rest of Day 6


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    Miss y’all.

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