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PoTW 05/02 – 05/08

by on May 8, 2009

We love free Wednesdays!  This past wednesday, the three of us (Nate, Christina and Emmett) and Emmett’s Mah Mah went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  Given that it was the first Wednesday in the month, it was FREE (the best price ever)!

Everyone had a grand old time pressing buttons and making sound and looking at all the flashing lights.  And another thing:

UNDERWEAR! (or Dai-Fu!)  Being that we’re all on vacation, we decided to try a little experiment in terror.  So far, we’ve only had one instance of standing in a puddle of pee. We’ve been having a lot of fun up here spending time with family and seeing some old friends.  Stay tuned for more updates!

EDIT: Almost forgot about this gem from earlier in the week:


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  1. Bill & Orlena permalink

    Emmett looks like he’s working it in that little dai-fu! CUTE! They do have thicker dai-fu (fyi) or at least they did in my son’s day. Enjoy your time off! =)

  2. We’re having a great time here!

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