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PoTW 4/18-4/24

by on April 24, 2009

Emmett has been developing quite the sense of humor.  When he discovers something is funny, he’ll do it over and over again, and then he’ll re-hash the same jokes the next day.  Quite the sign of development.  I present the above as evidence to the fact.

This morning, I got it in my head (with much prompting from the doctor) to get on my bike and ride.  My ultimate goal is to be able to get to church and back without totally killing myself.  You see, we live at the base of a very large mountain on the other side of which is church.  I managed to find a route that would get us to church without going over the hill, but rather going around the base of it.  There are still, however, a number of ups and downs to be contended with.  Today was the first experiment:  how far could I get while towing Emmett and the trailer and still be able to get back without my legs falling off?

The results:

9.5 miles.  About 5o minutes total riding time.  We’re getting there.

Next week’s PoTW will be from some place different, yet familiar!


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  1. How much farther is it ? Hi Emmett!

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