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Zoo with Yee Yee

by on April 16, 2009

Yee Yee was in town, Mommy was on call.  What are we going to do?

To the zoo!  Yee Yee, when she’s been around, has been Emmett’s bestest best friend.  She’s SUPER cool.  Mommy and Daddy are not so cool anymore. An interesting development for this time at the zoo is that Emmett is now able to identify certain animals either by vocalization or by sign.  Some of them are inaccurate, but they’re all pretty funny.

Meerkat = "Mao Mao" (Cat)

Kangaroo = Tao Jai (Rabbit)

Kangaroo = "Tao Jai" (Rabbit)

Gorilla = Mah Lao (Monkey)

Gorilla = "Mah Lao" (Monkey)

Zebra = Mah (Horse)

Zebra = "Mah" (Horse)

Camel = Mah

Camel = "Mah"

Whatever this thing is = Mah

Whatever this thing is = "Mah"

Giraffe = Cheung Gang Lok

Giraffe = "Cheung Gang Lok" (Long Necked Animal)

Tortise = Woo Gwai

Tortise = "Woo Gwai"

Tapir = Juu Juu (Pig)

Tapir = "Juu Juu" (Pig)

Tiger = Mao Mao (Cat)

Tiger = "Mao Mao" (Cat)

And, of course, the usual goofiness ensued:


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  1. mrschoy permalink

    yayyy and auntie field trip! very nice, E

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