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PoTW 04/04 – 04/10

by on April 10, 2009

Our little chef!  As described last week, the Learning Tower arrived earlier this week.  It’s pretty solid, and we’re impressed with it overall.  In the few short days that we’ve had it, Emmett has already learned how to crawl up into it and how to get down:

What worries me is that he can do this rather quickly and will be up at the countertop without me knowing.  Time to implement some discipline.  Over the past week, Emmett has developed remarkably fast in his comprehension of language and humor.  His “vocabulary” to this point:

Ma Ma” – Christina
Ba Ba” – Nate
Pau Pau” – Christina’s Mom
Yee Yee” – Hannah
Peen Peen” – Diaper
“Night Night”
“Bye Bye”
Foo Foo” – Pants
Nai Nai” – Milk
Bao Bao” – Bread
“Bib Bib”
Yuu Yuu” – Fish

Ones that he’s still working on:

Goong Goong” – Christina’s Dad
Goo Goo” – Katie

It’s the “G”s that he’s having problems with right now.  They come out more like “ghhhhhz“.  Here’s a video of his verbal prowess:

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. Wow!
    Very impressive! Lots of progress for just one week. He’s probably been working on it in his head for a while and just waiting to “debut” to the world!

    Good job Emmett!

  2. mrschoy permalink

    emmett wah, “auntay hock say gnaw”

  3. mrschoy permalink

    his chef hat looks like he has a towel around his hair after shampoo-ing. 🙂

  4. Actually I’m most impressed with Nate’s ability to speak Cantonese. 🙂

  5. This makes me so excited for you all 🙂
    He seems very pleased with himself, and why wouldn’t he be?
    He’s a trilingual child all before the age of 2.

    Great pics!

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