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Early to bed and early to rise…

by on March 8, 2009

well, i feel pretty good… and I think I’m reasonably smart… as for the wealthy part… meh.  Maybe I didn’t go to bed early enough.

Christina had to work today, and we had to spring forward this morning.  I’m all for the additional sunlight, but these first few days of standard time are a pain because 6:00 am still looks like 5:00 am.  At what I can only assume was 5:00 this morning (or was it 4?), I saw a silhouette that looked vaguely like my wife waving at me, and whispering, “I’m going!  Put your arm around Emmett.”

“mmbm.” (That’s an affirmative.)

I hear her tiptoe out of the room and leave for work, and I do my best mommy impression to try to keep Emmett asleep.  That worked for about an hour, and then Emmett insisted that we wake up.  After eating a banana and some yogurt over World Baseball Classic highlights, we decided to crack open our latest project, 5-grain seeded sourdough.

Today should be interesting.  We’re getting a ride to Evergreen from Uncle Daniel, and Christina should be able to come to church and pick us up, but if she can’t, then Auntie Pam is giving us a ride home.

We can’t wait for Peds Wards to be over.

** UPDATE: Emmett fell asleep at 10:00, and Uncle Daniel was supposed to come over at 10:30.  I called him and told him that we weren’t going to church today.  About an hour later, Christina calls me from work, and I hear the car alarm blaring in the background.  In the foreground, I hear a very irate Christina saying something about the remote not working and not being able to start the car.  I calmly talk her through how to manually disarm the alarm, and she was quickly on her way home.  Whew.  What a day, and it’s only 1:30.


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  1. Monkey's Uncle permalink

    healthy wealthy and wise. fish is too cute.

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