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Hangin with the Yuu Yuu

by on March 7, 2009

Christina’s on another call month, so the Wong men have had to find creative things to do on call days.  Call day #1:  Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific!

One of the developments on this trip was that Emmett preferred to walk around himself.  Most of the time at the aquarium, I found myself pushing the stroller with one hand and saying to Emmett, “Lai Sow!” (Hold hands!). He would grab my finger and we would walk around like that.  After the aquarium, we went out to go run around at a little park outside where there was a lighthouse and a good view of the Queen Mary:

If anyone ever wants to join us on any of these excursions, we’re going out pretty much every fifth day!  We also have annual passes to the aquarium that get us discounts on guest passes.  Next up, LA Zoo.


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  1. it’s time for you guys to come down to SD! I can get you guys in SD zoo for free!

  2. boy, that lighthouse reminds me of Maine… sort of… no craggy shore and crashing waves though

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