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The only good battery…

by on February 7, 2009

In order to get out of the house and give Christina a chance to study while Emmett slept in the back, the Wongs took an excursion out to Costco to get some much needed laundry detergent.  When Emmett and I got back to the car, we found Dr. Wong hard at work, studying away.  We loaded everything up, and I turned the key to turn on the car, and I heard…

chunka chunka whirrrrr…. clickclickclickclick.

Dead battery.  We quickly went over our options.  Call friends? Call AAA?  Wait and see? Not wanting to forestall any longer, we resolved to call AAA.  They dispatched a battery service van from Bob’s Towing, and the nice technician did a quick battery system check on the ol’ Subaru.

SOC – measures the voltage of the battery.  Everything checks out.
The battery I had was rated at 550 Amps, and it was putting out 170.  Therein lies the problem.  A simple jump was not going to suffice.  You can also see that the battery is at 0% health, and the charge is only at 50%.  After some hemming and hawing, we decided to fork over $113 for a new battery that he had in the back of the van.  After a short installation and another test:

Ah, that’s more like it.

In retrospect, it was better that this happened in the relatively friendly confines of the Costco parking lot when we were all there rather than Christina getting stranded out at LAC+USC med center all by her lonesome.

All things work out for the good of those who love God!


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  1. good thing to take care of — in a controlled environment

  2. Auntie Scarey permalink

    or in front of some scarey mexican restaurant on the bad part of El Camino Real

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