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Comparison Monday 2.22 – Not impressed with the Luxor

by on February 2, 2009

We’re back from Las Vegas, and we were happy to leave the stench and general whore-ishness behind.  We stayed at the Luxor, which proved to be least among the Hotels on the strip.  Christina was not impressed:

"I am not impressed."

What we did enjoy, however, was the water show at the Bellagio (watched from the gridlock on the strip):

One... singular sensation, every little step she takes...

"One... singular sensation, every little step she takes..."

The lions at MGM Grand:

The M&M’s store:

The Coca-Cola store:

FAO Schwarz at Caesar’s:

And the Wynn Buffet.  Ate ourselves silly.

And we did a little dancin’:

An old chinese Pau Pau walked by and said, “he’s going to fall over!” in Cantonese.  Emmett was more than willing to oblige:

Good to be back in the nice clean LA air.


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  1. yeeyee permalink

    he’s not falling over.. he’s doing tricks! hahahaha

  2. mrschoy permalink

    not to say I told you so, but I did…not a very nice place…too much 2nd hand tobacco smoke, and yes, the whore-ishness of it all — I think I’d go to Oakland’s Fairyland before going back to LV or the old SF Playland at the Beach, or the cheap rides at San Jose Christmas at the Park; not for Emmett, thank you very much! A.S.

  3. i totally agree w/ auntay falantay… no thanks…

    it didn’t seem to affect his dancing much though! It looked like some hip hop going on there!

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