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Comparison Friday 2.21 – I once was pink, but now no longer.

by on January 23, 2009

This week’s shirt, given to Emmett by his Yee-Pau (Choy, whom we love and admire deeply), recently fell victim to our ever dangerous pink laundry:

This photo was taken on November 8.  And we’re still sorting through pink laundry.  The rug in the foreground is the culprit.  Emmett’s socks, Daddy’s socks, dishtowels, t-shirts, underwear, everything. Pink.

I had tried everything with limited success.  I tried a light bleach solution, I tried soaking it in hot water, etc.  The final straw was when two of Emmett’s NEW t-shirts had gotten pinked.  Frantically, I scoured the internet to find a solution.  I found this:

I set out to find this product at our local Rite-Aid.  Nothing.  Determined, I biked from Rite-Aid to CVS down the street.  Still nothing.  This was becoming more of a personal vendetta than a simple experiment.  My last stop was Ralph’s, and I found this instead:

Close enough.  I biked home and tried it out that night.  Now, I don’t believe in magic, but…

This was pretty magical.  As you can see, the shirt is a pristine white.  Bullet dodged.  Happy Friday.


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  1. yeeyee permalink

    yay!!! congrats!

  2. wow … at least you know there is a fix for your problem! i’m sure yee-pau is very happy too

  3. Auntie Scarey permalink

    you bet your sorry laundry self you dodged a bullet! The only way you’d get off is having a baby girl! hahahah Happy New Year, Emmett-goo — Auntay misses poochee goo! (try translating that!)

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