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by on January 21, 2009

Emmett (and by extension, his parents) had a lot of visitors this weekend.

Saturday morning, Mary, Mary’s sister Pauline, Chaass, Hannah and Dr. Finly came over for breakfast.  We whipped up some sourdough pancakes, made some sourdough crepes (Finly has a crepe maker), and fried up some hot italian sausages from Trader Joe’s.  Alas, there aren’t many pictures from the event, because we were busy stuffing our pie-holes with food.

Emmett got bored after a while and dragged Yee Yee outside to play in the garden:

After the party broke up, Emmett, his parents and Yee Yee went to Irvine to meet Tyler Matthew Ng, Herman and Ellie’s new baby son!

Yeah, so Emmett’s head is like 4x the size of Tyler’s.

We dropped off Yee Yee at Albert’s house in Irvine, and then headed up to Pasadena to meet up with Emmett’s Yeh-Yeh and Mah-Mah for dinner at Il Fornaio!

On Sunday, we went to church:

Then we hit the road to Long Beach to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific!

They have a lorikeet sanctuary where you can buy a nectar for $3, and the birds land on you and drink right out of your hand (well, the cup in your hand).

All the kids that walked by this tank unabashedly yelled, “LOOK IT’S NEMO!”

There was a “Dory” in there, too.  I was trying to decide if Disney/Pixar had advanced or set back the course of marine biology.

On Monday, Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh took off and headed back to the Bay Area, but not before eating breakfast at Crepes and Grapes and playing around at a local toy store:

Next big thing:

Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanks for taking us to all those wonderful places. It was especially fun w/ Emmett there to eat, point, and smile!

  2. haha Emmet looks like a giant next to Tyler. 🙂
    Dang, daniel and I were going to name our kid Tyler too.

  3. p.s. i’m not pregnant.

  4. Auntie Scarey permalink

    I’m not pregnant too…looks like a great time was had by all…ps don’t let Emmett pick up the colorful flyers off the concrete sidewalks in sin city.

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