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How do you yum nai nai?

by on January 7, 2009

This evening, I was prepping dinner, when a very earnest little man came up to me and made the sign for “milk” and said repeatedly “nai nai nai nai nai”.  So, I obliged and poured him a little of the closest thing that we have to milk:

It’s a cultured milk (yogurt) drink with kefir grains in it.  Hard to explain, but it made the list for Emmett approved beverages.  As I gave him the cup, I noticed he was carrying a spoon.  I took the spoon from him, and gave him the cup.  As I resumed my dinner duties, he began to raise a ruckus about something.  Soon enough, he pointed at the spoon on the table.

“You want the spoon?”


“You finish your nai nai first.  Then I’ll give you the spoon back.”


“Okay, okay.  You weirdo.”

I give him the spoon, and the following ritual ensues:


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  1. He’s really adept at feeding himself with a spoon! wow!

  2. Mrs. Odom permalink

    I love the little “Ah” when he’s finished with a bite. Kefir, the pause that refreshes. 🙂

    It’s so cool and so hard to watch them develop their independence, isn’t it?

  3. what? He learned how to use a spoon on his own? That’s amazing! I bet he must be happy that he could use it too! 🙂 Emmet is such a smart boy!

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