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Saturday Activities

by on January 3, 2009

So, the previous sourdough loaf was kind of a bust.  I neglected the second rise, and except for the edges, the rest of it was a brick.  Being sorely disappointed, I started another loaf.  Christina observed that my starter was only partly awake, and that the bottom didn’t have enough to eat.  So instead of adding a 1:1 ratio of flour to water, I added 2:1 (1/2 cup flour to 1/4 water).  After waiting about 20 minutes we could see that bubbles were forming all the way to the bottom of the jar.  Good to go.  I wanted to try another recipe (I’d been using the City Bread recipe from the Cheeseboard Collected Works), so I looked around and found a San Francisco Sourdough recipe on  It uses more whole wheat flour than I’ve used to this point, but it turned out quite nicely:

Christina very dutifully shot the whole thing on video:

and Emmett was cautious when testing the loaf for doneness:

After a while, we were all getting a little stir crazy in the house this afternoon, so when the sun finally broke through the clouds for a moment, we geared up and went on a ride to Michigan Park.


here’s what we did at the park:

Here’s the route we took:

Round trip, 5.2 miles.  I’m building up endurance for pulling Emmett around long distances.  Our goal: bike to church.

That graph on the bottom is elevation.  Not looking forward to the near vertical parts.

That graph on the bottom is elevation. Not looking forward to the near vertical parts.

Round trip 14 miles.  We’ll get there.


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One Comment
  1. The bread looks really good! I like the X that you cut into the top too. Let me know how it tastes. I think I have to feed my starter in a few days. It has a layer of alcohol forming on top.

    The elevation map looks like it’s kinda steep during your last stretch home. Sure you want to do that? Start doing your leg exercises! I felt tired just looking at the map!

    Emmett is a very good bread tester.

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