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Scenes from the Wong household on New Year’s Eve

by on December 31, 2008

Baked some bread:

Played some naked ukulele (photos have been properly censored):

Just so you know, these pictures were not posed.  After his bath, he picked up the ukulele and started walking around, strumming.  The ukulele.


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  1. After having seen him in action all week, I’m still amazed at all that he can do!!!


  2. Ron permalink

    Way to bring in the new year Emmett……never a dull moment!!

  3. christabel permalink

    i’m sure he’ll appreciate these photos when he grows up! 😀

    happy new year!

  4. He’ll fit in perfectly at Berkeley…or Hawaii I suppose…and Baker Beach for that matter…okay, I should stop now.

    Cheers to 2009!

  5. mrschoy permalink

    boy is he going to be p.o.’d at you guys when he gets older…I’ll tell him it was on a blog for the whole world to see. AS

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