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Comparison Friday 2.16 – Santa Monkey

by on December 19, 2008

This week’s outfit courtesy of the Youd clan of Bourne, MA, Lewiston, ME, and soon to be somewhere in Rhode Island.  The younger Youds spent the beginning of the week at Hotel Wong, and are attending to wedding things in Newport Beach over the weekend.

A funny story about Curious George (see last week’s CF).  George sleeps in bed with Emmett (he makes a great pillow).  In the middle of the night, Christina woke up to attend to her whimpering child.  She reached down to pick up the roughly human sized mass that lay in Emmett’s bed, only to find that the mass was not in fact Emmett, but rather a toddler-sized stuffed Curious George.  In the middle of the night, it caused quite a bit of confusion and/or panic.  Luckily, Emmett had not turned into a stuffed animal.  Christina’s aim was just off by a few inches.

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  1. yeeyee permalink

    HAHAHAHA.. that is a GREAT story..

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