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Comparison Friday 2.15 – A monkey’s best friend

by on December 12, 2008

So, I had this great idea to put George’s shirt on Emmett and take their picture together, but wouldn’t you know that Emmett inherited my “head-size-too-large”-ness, and the shirt wouldn’t fit around his noggin.  Oh, well.

We’ve completed rounds one (Thanksgiving), two (Disneyland with friends) and three (Goo-Goo and Auntie Serina coming to visit), and round four (Steph and Melissa Youd coming next monday!) is coming.  Emmett’s schedule is BLOWING UP!


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  1. Monkey's Uncle permalink

    look at his little toesies!

  2. Auntie Scarey permalink

    we knew the head too big syndrome was well on its way a long time ago.

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