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Mommy sans Emmett and Daddy

by on November 24, 2008

Tis an interesting life being in an temporarily single state…

Pros: no one makes anything messier. when i clean it up, it stays cleaned up. i can put things on the night stand again! I actually read the paper last night. If i want to be messy, i don’t have to worry about being contradictory. and i don’t have to lug home dinner for two, fruit for a small boy, and snacks and drinks on a bike.

Cons: No one to warm my cold feet against. No one to welcome me home. No one to share dessert with. (so i ended up eating six Whoppers. which are good, but not the same as a toasty cup of really good hot chocolate with a dying marshmellow). No one who looks at me like I’m about give him the best frozen mummums in the fridge. No one who dances to Kung Fu Fighting…

So I’m counting down the days…(but not too fast…)


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  1. Sheena permalink

    whew – it took me a few seconds before realizing that 6 whoppers meant those little chocolate snacks and not 6 burgers

  2. Monkey's Uncle permalink

    hahahaha…what sheena said.

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