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Necessity is the mother of physical activity…

by on November 15, 2008

So, Emmett and I went to Target and the Library yesterday, just as a “get out of the house” kind of deal, and on the way back, I smelled something burning.  I figured someone next to me was grinding their gears or something, so i pushed on.  As I’m crossing the intersection, I hear a POP, and the battery light and the e-brake light turn on.

I pull over to the side of the road to find that it’s VERY difficult to steer.  I push on, wrestling the car back to our street.  I get it into a parking spot on the street.  I pop open the hood and find that there’s something missing:


There’s a whole belt that had basically disintegrated.  I found chunks of it all over the engine.  So, after consulting my neighborhood mechanic (dad), I decided it was necessary to make my way to a Kragen.  Unfortunately, the car was in no shape to be driven anywhere, and I needed to get down there.  So, we resolved to take a family bike ride out to the closest Kragen.

After hitching our new bike trailer:


we loaded up and headed out.  An hour and half later, we came back, a little more weary and a lot more sweaty.  All said, we completed the following:


7.5 miles round trip.  The blue graph on the bottom is the elevation map.  So you can see that our downhill was a lot faster than our uphill (totally intentional, i assure you).

Now, we wait for the sore quads to set in.


The beast has been conquered, and our subaru is girded with two new serpentine belts.

I followed the directions that were listed here, but I found that the belt was considerably harder to get on to the rotors than this guy said that they were.  I called my mechanic and he suggested that I get it most of the way on, then “pop” the starter.  It worked!  I can steer the car again!!!

I now understand my dad’s bad back and constantly slightly blackened hands.


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  1. Good job! Good thing you got the bike too!

  2. Ron permalink

    Great job Nate! ….and a little father son time w/Emmett with the bike and trailer is always a good thing too!

  3. That looks fun! I hope there was some point where you started laughing at the situation. 😀 Hehe I’m sure Emmett enjoyed the ride with daddy.

  4. cha permalink

    dude. you are hardcore.

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