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Comparison Friday 2.9 – Bathrobe + Ukulele = smiles

by on November 7, 2008

Comparison Friday is upon us once again.  Due to the time change last week, the sun is blazing through the window at the time of our photoshoot.  This is why the a angle of the photo is a bit askew.

BTW, this is coming in the mail in a few days:

After that, we will be setting our sights on this:

Hopefully it won’t be too cold by the time we get it, otherwise we’ll have to wait until spring.

*UPDATE: We went to a PIH (Christina’s Hospital) Picnic, and we met Ronin, one of the 2nd year resident’s son:

He’s 7 months old.  And just as tall as Emmett (if not taller).  Talk about Comparison Friday.

  1. Nice bathrobe and “guitar” and helmet!

  2. yeeyee permalink

    ahh!! such a big smile today!

  3. mrschoy permalink

    like Nee Nee poking Katie’s eyes out (6 months difference)! 🙂 hahaha

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