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We need to get our eyes/minds checked.

by on November 1, 2008

So, we’re all sitting around eating dinner as a family, when Emmett gets a look that can mean only one thing: #2 is a coming.  So I grab him out of his seat and whisk him off to the bathroom to discover that I’m a little too late (it wasn’t that bad).

After cleaning up the aformentioned #2, we resumed our family dinner.  As she passes by, Christina sees something on the floor:

The following conversation ensues:

“What’s that?”

“Oh, man.”

“Wait. When did that happen?”

“That’s impossible!  He had his diaper on the whole time!”

“Maybe one of us stepped in it.”

(Both check our feet, all four are clean)

“Oh, well.  I’ll just clean it up.”

I bend down to the floor with a napkin to pick up the offending deposit, only to make a discovery:

“It’s a leaf.”


Oh, and…


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One Comment
  1. hahaha…i love how you posted your actual convo here.
    miss you guys! can’t wait til December! 🙂

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