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Comparison Friday 2.5 – We do more comparing by 7 am than most people do all day

by on October 10, 2008

So, this week has been interesting.  Emmett has apparently mastered the word “DAH!” and now uses it for everything!

“I want that!” – “DAH DAH DAH!”

“No more, thanks.” – “DAH DAH.”

“Here, dad. Open your cell phone so I can press all the buttons.” – “Dah.”

This, combined with general whining in the face of unfavorable situations has resulted in a very trying week.  Also, he went through about 15 diapers yesterday, 4 of which took place in the span of about 45 minutes.

Norcal, here we come.  And none too soon.

**UPDATE – Exhibit A:

  1. mrschoy permalink

    Hey Emmett, dah, dah, dddaaaahhh, dah! xxoo Auntie E

  2. In my class, we learned that first words should start at about 1 year so… he’s right on time :).

  3. oh darn, he beat avery – the most she’s had is 14! sooooo close

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