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The cheese no longer stands alone…

by on October 2, 2008

We found ourselves on this Thursday afternoon at Trader Joe’s in downtown Whittier.  We made our usual rounds, stopping to look at the cheese, the bread, the frozen fruit, etc.  However, this time, Emmett made good friends with a block of Gruyere.  I tried to take it from him to replace it with a cheaper chunk, but he resisted with his usual cries of despair.

Throughout the rest of the trip, Emmett is clutching on to this hunk of cheese as if it were the last thing he would ever hold, even to the point where the guy at the register had to quickly scan it and hand it back to him, for fear of a crying child in the checkout line.

So, we load up the car and make way for home.  Emmett is dutifully holding his cheese in his carseat.

We’re about halfway home, and we pull up to a stoplight.  There’s a break in the chatter on the radio, and I hear slurping from the back seat.  I glance in the rear view mirror, and this is what I see:

HE WAS EATING THE CHEESE!!!  THROUGH THE WRAPPER!!!  I was laughing my butt off, and Christina was appalled at our ravenous son.

This is what we ended up with by the time we got home:

The wonders of parenthood.


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  1. Uncle Ben permalink

    Dang, he killed that block of cheese w/ his little teef.

  2. what a gourmet! i wonder if he would’ve eaten through a box of crackers as well.

  3. mrschoy permalink

    just don’t give him wine in a box, ok? or dried prunes? or doggie treats?

  4. YeeYee permalink

    HAHAHA.. that’s so awesome..

  5. omg he is my kind of guy – i can’t live w/o cheese. So how much was that Gruyere?

  6. gnowetan permalink

    the first block was about $7. This one was $5. It’s really good too.

  7. AHAHAHAHAHA. This is … HANDS DOWN … the BEST POST I’VE EVER READ. I want my kid to be like your kid. He knows QUALITY, and he knows how to enjoy it STRAIGHT UP. AWESOME. Emmett’s my man and my hero.

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