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Comparision Friday 2.3 – I guess this is when they develop opinions

by on September 26, 2008

Since we last met, Emmett and Daddy have gone through another call night and a couple of rather trying long days.  We’ve got another call tomorrow (we’re thinking of going to Disneyland), but I think we’re starting to get the hang of one another.   One of the things that he’s been doing lately is that he’s been grabbing the finger of whoever is closest to him and dragging them over to whatever he wants them to do.  For example, he’ll grab my hand and pull me over to where I hang up the Wii remotes and point to them, so as to say, “I want to play with THAT.”

That’s all for now!  Be sure to check the outtakes.  There’s some pretty funny expressions this week.

  1. ron permalink

    This is his version of “I’ve been thinking…..” Like father like son

  2. YeeYee permalink

    nice.. he’s moved beyond “turn this on for me!”

  3. Too cute! 🙂
    Emmett must be in good hands because he’s always smiling!

  4. I like the way Piglet is so cooperative ( i mean the pink guy)

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