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Comparison Friday 2.2 – On call

by on September 19, 2008

With all the preparation for Mommy to be on call today, we almost forgot about Comparison Friday!  Thank you Mah Mah for reminding us!

The biggest development this week is that Emmett has been learning more self control.  We had three days this week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) where he used 2 diapers or less.  Sometimes he stayed dry all day, and we only used two diapers because we went out (the straight cloth ones don’t travel very well).

Here’s to saving the environment through self control!!!!

Happy Friday everyone.  Pray that we make it to Saturday.

  1. Watching the CF take place was really exciting!

  2. Maybe next time, just for fun, you could add a picture of what he looked like approx. a year ago! Just a suggestion for those of us who are too lazy to look back in the archives. =) Okay, I can go look…have a great one!

  3. Mommy permalink

    and he has started being dry through the night. He wakes up to pee and goes back to bed. Except at 3 o’clock when he wants a snack. silly boy.

  4. yeeyee permalink

    love the outfit this week.. having a tshirt and shorts really makes him look like such a big boy!

  5. mrschoy permalink

    agree with yee yee — enough of this diaper running around thing, ok? he’s getting to be a big boy with some pride, you know. AE

  6. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Oh yes, can you do a Super CF with a photo from the first CF and CF at one year? That would be fantastic! Or a CF slideshow! Even better! At any rate, he gets more handsome by the day! Did you survive Friday without Mommy?

  7. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Well, lookee there. A CF archive. Ask and ye shall receive!

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