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To Yee-Pau Choy, whom we love and admire deeply

by on September 8, 2008

… for providing my halloween costume for this year, as well as many many laughs between now and then:


From → Emmett

  1. Giff permalink

    Thank you for NOT BEING MY MOM and DAD

  2. You’ll be the best trick or treater around. Your dad will need to bring a wheel barrel along to bring home your haul!

  3. mrschoy permalink

    you’re welcome, cutie pie…a little suffering for cute-ness sake is always worth it and Gif, anytime, oK — I’ll do my darnest to find something for you so you can match your sweet little one year old nephew! xxoo AE

  4. Mrs. Odom permalink

    I would take the banana out of his pocket… Very cute costume!

  5. Aunt Lee permalink

    Isn’t this why we have children? For our own amusement? He is providing much of that for ALL of us! GREAT costume.
    But I would leave the banana in his pocket.

  6. nate permalink

    It’s not a full banana. It’s just the top, and it’s sewn into the pocket.

  7. Sheena permalink

    i love that he gets his own banana!

  8. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have teased about the banana. It’s very cute. I love the costume. (All of it!)

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