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Comparison Friday #53 – 363 days and counting…

by on September 5, 2008

Our little guy is almost 1 year old!  He’s getting harder and harder to wrangle into the boppy pillow, but we’ll keep doing this until it becomes unreasonable!

And yes, those are froggy overalls:

  1. YeeYee permalink

    ahhhhhhhhhh he’s sooooooo cute!!! i love the overalls!! they look AWESOME!!!

    emmett!! yeeyee misses you!!

  2. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Yum Yum Dim Sum. Good book. Has he cracked open the sushi set yet? 🙂 I love today’s photo. He’s such a big boy!!!

  3. (I used all the tags just to see what would happen)

  4. Auntie Scarey permalink

    Happy Birthday, baby!! Auntie loves you and so does the rest of the Choy clan. Your present is being sent to you — watch for it and make sure you use it immediately and send me pictures!! Have a great day and make sure you get a big chocolate layer cake to play with. Yes, the real thing, Christina!

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