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Comparison Friday #51 – It ain’t easy being green

by on August 22, 2008

It’s very difficult trying to wrangle a soon-to-be one year old while juggling a camera in the other hand.  But we managed to get at least one good picture.  Be sure to check out the hi-jinks in the outtakes.

  1. nice pants! color looks good on you. dinosaurs are aways good. love the outtakes, especially the standing ones!

  2. Hannah permalink

    haha.. it’s a new sitting pose!! stretching out the legs in preparation for more walking?? 😀

  3. mrschoy permalink

    love the suicidal standing on sofa picture! Cutie pie is almost 1 yr old — wow it’s gone by very fast!

  4. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Hey, it really is closing in FAST on one year. What are your plans to ring in the big oh-one? And is it just me or does he show evidence of being able to arch one eyebrow in some of those outtake photos? 🙂

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