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Developmental Milestones!

by on August 20, 2008

Our little man is quicly becoming a slightly larger little man with some new talents.  Among these talents are the aforementioned and afore-demonstrated walking:

But what has come to our attention lately is that Emmett has started to mimick us.  We tried to get video of this, but he wasn’t being too cooperative.

And, perhaps the biggest development: SPEECH.

He was very hungry this afternoon while playing with Christina.  He laid himself down on her lap, made the sign for “milk”, and proceeded to say, “nye nye” (milk in Chinese).  Christina had me witness it and sure enough, he did a repeat performance. We’ll try to get video of this, too.

Sigh, they grow up so fast.

Oh!  I almost forgot!


(Emmett has taken to pulling Christina’s hair.  Christina has decided that to show him that this is painful, she frowns and starts whimpering like Emmett when he bonks his head.  We caught this gem of a moment when Emmett copied her copying him.)


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  1. mrschoy permalink

    He is sooo steady walking and his hands are lowered now. As far as speech, you need to sign and say the words too. He seems to be very responsive and wants to be verbal! Signing is good, but needs to be accompanied with verbal since he’s not deaf! 🙂 — Maybe a different lowered stern No No with eye contact might end the pulling of hair. It works! Auntie Scarey has gotten a lot of success from that! He’s soooo cute — love the curled lips!

  2. Uncle Crazy permalink

    he’s a frickin genius. i’m not yet sure if it’s a blessing or a curse! fun and scary!

  3. With a Auntie Scary and a Uncle Crazy, the kid’s on the right track!

    Nice walking, Emmett! I want to hear a new word every day and a sentence by the end of the year!


    Bossy Grandma

  4. Hannah permalink

    what a good walker he is!!! walking around like it’s nobody’s business.. he’s great!

    and i LOVE the sadface.. can’t wait to see it in person

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